Ireland’s Leading Private Security Service Provider


Manguard Plus is the leading Guaranteed Irish and privately owned security services provider on the island of Ireland. Professional service delivery is the hallmark of our business.  We provide our clients with a range of security services including the provision of Security Officers, alarm monitoring, mobile patrols and alarm response.


Since our foundation, the company’s primary focus and objective has been to provide a first-class security service to all business sectors…

Company Overview

Manguard Plus is a market leader in the provision of security services in Ireland. It is a privately-owned Guaranteed Irish security company, in 2021 Manguard Plus celebrated 27 years in business. Employing over 1,000 staff on nationwide contracts, Manguard Plus has a fleet of over 60 patrol and alarm response vehicles and an annual turnover of some €36 million. Manguard Plus began trading in the UK in 2015 with over 150 staff between our offices in Belfast and London. In 2017 we expanded services into the Munster region and we continue to grow from our offices in Waterford and Cork.

Since our foundation, the company’s primary focus and objective has been to provide a first-class security service to all business sectors. Working in partnership with our clients, the company has earned an excellent reputation for providing a quality, proactive and flexible service that has top class customer focus at its core. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality and exacting standards. We achieve this by employing reputable and committed staff, providing them with ongoing best-practice training courses and supervisory management.

Throughout this process, all our staff members are managed in a pro-active manner. We currently boast the most qualified senior management team of any security company in Ireland.

Manguard Plus prides itself on retaining and developing its management and staff. We have a very low rate of employee turnover which is a rarity in the private security industry. Many of our team have worked with us for decades and many have backgrounds in the Defence Forces and an Garda Siochána.

Working on behalf of our clients, we are dedicated to designing and implementing the most cost-effective security strategy for them. We base this strategy on a review of the physical, technical, procedural and response elements currently in place. Comparing the review against pre-defined criteria enables us to do a gap analysis and to implement corrective action through training, culture change, policy implementation and supervision. Where the gap analysis identifies no weakness but an influential security culture, we ensure that through constant vigilance we pro-actively promote and sustain this culture. Manguard Plus provides security services to a diverse range of industry sectors.

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Our Culture

While our service, infrastructure and processes differentiate us from our competitors, what makes us unique is our culture.  We are different from our competitors because of what we believe, how we view the business and, as a consequence, how we run our company.


Our culture and values dictate the way we manage our business. Hard work, responsibility and a customer centric ethos are our guiding principles.  These describe the behaviour expected of every Manguard Plus employee in all business activities.  We provide a dedicated team of people to deliver a full range of security and support services that project our values.

Our Values

At Manguard Plus we effectively have three operational stakeholders – customers, staff and owner shareholders; all of whom have individual goals, ambitions and values. We see this as hugely positive. What unites these separate entities is our overarching emphasis on fairness. Fairness is woven throughout the very fabric of our organisation, bringing us together to work collectively for the interests of our clients and their businesses.


We continuously seek to strengthen existing customer relationships and develop new ones.  We strive to meet and exceed expectations of organisations by designing and delivering innovative, compliant and risk-averse solutions.  We have always been good at developing long term relationships with a focus on achieving customer satisfaction. 


The changing demands of our business mean that we need to strengthen these relationships and become a ‘partner of choice’ who consistently aligns with strategic goals and objectives, adds value to the client operation and exceeds expectations. Our customer values which are relevant to all existing and potential customers, reflect this. We want to ensure this by:

Making a Positive Difference

We look for opportunities in every situation to make a positive difference – This is evident in the care we show for our communities and individuals, awareness of the impact we have on our environment and in the positive attitude we bring to our job.  We are cognisant of the effect of what we do and say and are always willing to help by working together for the best result. At Manguard Plus, we are all encouraged to contribute ideas to make a positive difference.

Dignity and Care

We care about each other and the world we all live in. What we value and how we are respected at work is essential to all of us.  We also recognise that we are all individuals with life outside work. At Manguard Plus, we make sure that our co-workers are fully aware of the help and supports available to them if they need them.

Showing Respect and Integrity

We value each other by treating everyone in a dignified and respectful manner. We consider each individual’s uniqueness and encourage staff to be open, honest and trustworthy in their dealings with their colleagues. At Manguard Plus everyone’s opinion is valued.

Passion For Being the Best

Manguard Plus is the hugely successful company it is because of the professionalism we bring to every contract and every client. It is this genuine and abiding ethos that has helped us to achieve our business goals and continue to grow. Innovation and creativity are actively encouraged at Manguard Plus.

Having Pride in What We Do

We are proud of who we are and what we do, and we value the rich diversity that each of us brings.  We all have an essential role to play in delivering exceptional service and ensuring our clients are advocates for our company. We know that success breeds success and praise and recognise our employees work, both as individuals and as a team. We instil pride in our organisation by acknowledging hard work and high standards.   

Embracing Collaborative Teamwork

The strength we have as a Company comes from working together as one team, communicating and connecting to share our skills, ideas, knowledge and experiences. At Manguard Plus, we work together to achieve our goals. As an organisation, we are non-hierarchical. We recognise that our reputation for working as a cohesive team, delivering a consistent top quality and bespoke service is the bedrock for our future success and that of our employees.


We view management processes as a collective responsibility. For these to be managed effectively, they must first be understood and then developed to meet ever more demanding challenges. Playing our part in helping others, sharing our knowledge through networking with our colleagues and embracing and using cutting edge IT technologies, enables us to continue to have state of the art processes that meet customer requirements and expectations. 


Just as our team members are expected to behave under our culture and values; Manguard Plus, as a corporate entity, ensures that our company is managed with honesty and integrity. Our underlying principles determine our corporate values.  These principles apply to all elements of our business and describe the behaviour expected of every employee in every division of Manguard Plus. Our value system forms the basis for the development of our operating structure, policies and core processes that form the framework in which we operate.





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Accreditations & Affiliations

Manguard Plus are required to be licenced to provide security services in Ireland, this is the basic requirement of the Private Security Authority for any security provider. Any client would expect their services provider to have the basics to provide a service in Ireland, our differentiator is that we brough in Quality Management Systems as part of our everyday business, ISO 9001:2015 is used throughout our business to ensure the sales process, contract setup, day to day operations, finance and Human Resources follow the agreed procedures to operate within our Quality Management System.

Health and Safety and Environmental Management are critical to our business operations.  A safe workplace for all staff with procedures to ensure staff safety along with sustainable operating practices are a cornerstone of our business hence once ISO 9001 was setup and operating we completed accreditation to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

EN 50518:2013 the European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres replaces IS 228:2007, Manguard Plus is the only security company in Ireland who are accredited to EN 50518:2013. Our Command and Control Centre operates to this latest European Standard.

Our team are involved in many industry associations, participation ensures we know what direction our industry is going and we have a voice at the table to influence this direction.


Private Security
Authority Licence

PSA 28:2013

Remote Surveillance Audit

PSA 39:2014

Event Security Services

PSA 42:2015

Private Investigator Contractors

PSA 74:2019

Installation of Intruder Alarms, CCTV & Access Control



European Quality Assurance


Security Institute of Ireland


International Professional Security Association


National Irish Safety Organisation


Qualifications Network United Kingdom


International Foundation for Protection Officers


International Foundation for Protection Officers