Concierge Plus

Concierge Plus is our 5 Star ‘front of house’ service. Manguard Plus provides highly trained staff to corporate clients who require excellent customer facing representatives.

Our personnel are engaged in professional ‘meet and greet’ duties and customer service, with the additional advantage of intensive security training.

Before being deployed to Concierge Plus all our staff are fully trained in skills ranging from health and safety, conflict resolution and even counter terrorism.

Most of our Concierge Plus staff are drawn from the hospitality sector where customer service and a positive first impression are essential.  We can train most skills but natural customer service skills are a perquisite for these roles.  Therefore, we are most discerning when selecting candidates.

Our Concierge Plus staff members receive intensive, specialised and personalised training from our in-house trainers.  They are highly skilled in Occupational First Aid including the use of Defibrillators, they must complete our WorldHost Customer Services training and undertake NaCTSO Counter Terrorism Awareness Course to become fully prepared for their role.

Concierge Plus was established in direct response to our blue-chip corporate clients’ requests and needs.  The Concierge Plus model is already well established in the UK and America but we are proud that we were the first security company to introduce this particular service in Ireland.