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Guarding Services


  • All security staff are licenced security professionals.
  • Every security officer must undergo a 6 day training course with an exam at the end of the course to have the opportunity to apply for a licence on successful completion of the course.

Security Officers undertake a variety of roles in the security sector.

  • Static security at a barrier, building entrance, secure area etc. Their role will generally be to manage access to the premises, monitor the CCTV and alarms and provide emergency response in the event of an incident at the premises.
  • An Event Guard is deployed at a race course, concert, football match, corporate events, etc., the role is to manage access, provide support to the event management and event controllers during normal operations and for control in the event of an incident or emergency on site. The event team will work closely with the emergency services to secure access and provide direct support in the event of a requirement to control unruly event participants or to support the ambulance services if a person requires medical assistance.
  • Concierge staff work in 5 Star office buildings, they are drawn from the hospitality sector, have the highest level of customer service and are really strong communicators and administrators. There is an expectation of quality service to visitors and building occupants. Therefore the selection of the staff is a critical factor for success in this role and compatibility with the culture in the building.


  • All staff must check-in on arrival at their place of work. This is verified by the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre.
  • During the course of the shift the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre will contact the staff member. Failure to make contact with the staff member will initiate a response protocol.
  • On completion of their shift the security officer must check out. This is verified by the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre.
  • All staff have a Lone Worker device with an SOS App. The staff member can press a button that immediately alerts the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre that the staff member has an issue. The response protocol is initiated and the mobile patrol team will go to the site to check on the security officer.
  • The Lone Worker device has a panic button, fall protection and direct voice communications with the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre.

SERVICES Questions

The Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre provides monitoring services for all types of alarms:

  • Fire
  • Intruder
  • Panic
  • Medical emergency
  • Pumps
  • Water leaks
  • Temperature
  • A CSL is a type of communication system that allows the monitoring station receive alerts from the alarm system in your premises. It’s often referred to as a DualCom – Dual Communicator.
  • Alarms communicate by phone line, radio, GSM and broadband. Since the phone lines can be unstable a CSL has 2 means of communicating with the monitoring station through GSM and broadband or 2 different GSM SIM Cards.
  • Manguard Plus uses the CSL – GradeShift Pro which is wireless 4G dual-path signalling.
  • In simple terms there are two means of your alarm signal being communication to the Alarm Receiving Centre by 4G and LAN.
  • GradeShift Pro uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, each with their own communications module, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. A third standby SIM acts as a backup to the primary SIM on the primary path. GradeShift Pro LAN/4G uses LAN connectivity for its primary path and a 4G WorldSIM as its secondary path.
  • Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for total resilience. 

IP monitoring makes use of a network (internet) connection to report alarms and other information to the monitoring station. An alarm event is generated by the alarm panel. The alarm panel sends this alarm (via an IP Reporting Protocol) over the network (internet) to the monitoring station.


  • To monitor a CCTV system the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre requires and active Fixed / Static IP address from your broadband provider.
  • Once the connection is made Manguard Plus can remotely view your CCTV system.
  • CCTV monitoring works by sending the video data the camera picks up to a remote monitoring station via the internet.
  • An alarm notification is received when motion detection is active on the CCTV system.
  • An operator will receive the notification and then view the cause, they will review all cameras on the system and determine if further action is required.
  • Further action can be giving an audio warning is a person is seen on site and calling a patrol response or the police is necessary.
  • CCTV patrols can be scheduled where the operator will at random times view all cameras to see if there is any activity.

Manguard Plus operate a Staff Portal for staff to have access to information 24 hours a day. We realise that some staff work at night therefore can’t get to speak to their manager or our administration team. The staff portal facilitates access by email to all departments. The staff member can:

  • See their roster
  • Order a replacement uniform
  • Make a pay query
  • Look for advise on an issue
  • Review standard Manguard Plus documents, polices and statements

The Client Portal is available to all clients, the portal facilitates access to general Manguard Plus information and details specific to the clients’ particular site:

  • Manguard Plus Assignment Instructions for the specific client location
  • Safety statement and Manguard Plus Policies.
  • Site roster for the week, including historical rosters
  • Patrol recording
  • Contact details for their designated manager and the Manguard Plus administration / support team.

SERVICES Questions

  • Keyholding is a specialist security service where a contracted security firm holds a set of keys to your commercial premises — in a secure, off-site location — to be used in the event of a security breach.
  • If there is alarm activation the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre will call the patrol vehicle allocated to respond to your premises. They will investigate the cause of the alarm.
  • You don’t need to leave your home to investigate the alarm at your premises as the key holding service will do this on your behalf. They will then send you report on why the alarm activated.
  • You will only get called if there is a verified break-in at your premises.
  • The Alarm Receiving Centre receives the alarm. The designated key holder is contacted immediately and they will proceed directly to your premises.
  • If a specialist security service is contracted as Key Holder they will respond to your premises.
  • On arrival at your premises, they will investigate the cause of the alarm.
  • If there is a verified break-in-in the security company will contact the premises owner and the police.
  • If it appears to be a false alarm a full patrol will be made of the premises, the alarm will be rearmed and the premises secured. An incident report is then emailed to the building owner or designated point of contact.
  • Mobile patrols are scheduled at agreed times and frequencies e.g. Two patrols per night, between midnight and 6am.
  • The patrol officer arrives at the building. This is verified via a vehicle tracking system and lone worker patrol recording device which the security person carries.
  • All patrols are recoded by touching the patrol recoding device to RFID tags placed throughout the building at critical areas. This ensures they are visited by the patrol officer.
  • All patrols are available for viewing on the Manguard Plus Client Portal.
  • A patrol officer attends at a designated time to secure a building.
  • On arrival a full patrol will be undertaken to ensure all doors are locked, lights turned off and that all staff have left the building. The alarm will be armed, the main entrance secured, then the patrol officer leaves. This lock up is recorded as competed in the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre.
  • For a building ‘open up’, the patrol officer will open the main entrance, disarm the alarm and make a patrol of the building prior to staff arriving. The building ‘open up’ is recorded as completed in the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre.
  • All building open and lock up patrols are available for viewing on the Manguard Plus Client Portal.
  • Manguard Plus provide our clients with access to a Client Portal specific to their buildings.
  • All patrols are available for viewing on the Manguard Plus Client Portal.
  • The Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre ensures patrols are completed at the scheduled time as there are designated parameters around all patrols e.g. a patrol is to be completed between 2am and 4am. If the patrol is not completed the Manguard Plus Patrol Recording system will create an alert to the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre that a designated patrol has not been completed. The operator will contact the patrol officer to verify why the patrol has not been completed at the designated time. The controller will then ensure that the patrol officer attends the premises to complete the patrol as per contract.
  • The Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week including Christmas Day.
  • Call Manguard Plus 0818 313 300 or +353 45 408 300.
  • For all contracts there is a designated Contract Manager who can be contacted on their mobile or by email, after normal working hours the Manguard Plus Command and Control Centre will receive all calls.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Manguard Plus are required to be licenced to provide security services in Ireland, this is the basic requirement of the Private Security Authority for any security provider. Any client would expect their services provider to have the basics to provide a service in Ireland, our differentiator is that we brough in Quality Management Systems as part of our everyday business, ISO 9001:2015 is used throughout our business to ensure the sales process, contract setup, day to day operations, finance and Human Resources follow the agreed procedures to operate within our Quality Management System.

Health and Safety and Environmental Management are critical to our business operations.  A safe workplace for all staff with procedures to ensure staff safety along with sustainable operating practices are a cornerstone of our business hence once ISO 9001 was setup and operating we completed accreditation to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

EN 50518:2013 the European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres replaces IS 228:2007, Manguard Plus is the only security company in Ireland who are accredited to EN 50518:2013. Our Command and Control Centre operates to this latest European Standard.

Our team are involved in many industry associations, participation ensures we know what direction our industry is going and we have a voice at the table to influence this direction.


Private Security
Authority Licence

PSA 28:2013

Remote Surveillance Audit

PSA 42:2015

Private Investigator Contractors

PSA 39:2014

Event Security Services



European Quality Assurance


Security Institute of Ireland


International Professional Security Association


National Irish Safety Organisation


Qualifications Network United Kingdom


International Foundation for Protection Officers


International Foundation for Protection Officers