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Manguard Plus is committed to providing a quality security service to all its customers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of every aspect of our service.


We value all our staff, and we understand the importance of family and community.  At Manguard Plus we care about you and provide specialist training and development opportunities so you can be at your best. 

“We believe that our employees are the life blood of the company, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to effective communication and consultation with our entire workforce,” “This ensures we all strive to meet the company objectives in a family friendly environment.” Managing Director Seán Hall explains.

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At Manguard Plus we believe ongoing investment in staff education and training is key towards our continuing growth. We are passionate advocates for our staff and pride ourselves on leading the field in backing our employees’ educational advancement, ensuring they are trained to the highest possible professional industry standards.

It’s a team effort and supporting our staff in their professional advancement is key to our collective success.

“I am a passionate advocate for our staff as they are the link to our success. The security industry has undergone huge changes over the past number of years.  It has greatly evolved and improved and clients now expect the most exacting and professional security measures. Security is now seen as an integral part of company budgets. Our clients want the best security providers and I know that our colleagues here at Manguard provide the best service. Their ongoing training ensures this”.  

We are firmly committed to ensuring all our staff are competent, professional and conscientious with the confidence that excellent training and qualifications can bring.  The security industry is a highly regulated and professional service with real opportunities for career progression. The calibre of the people we employ here at Manguard Plus reflects this and remains consistently high. Our investment in their further education reflects the respect we have for them and their service. Our clients are looking for a top class service and we pride ourselves on providing bespoke security solutions to them. As our client base is so diverse our staff deal with all sorts of situations from Counter Terrorism Awareness to Child Protection and we ensure they are fully equipped to deal with those situations”.

“A company is nothing without good, loyal and dedicated staff “