Patrol Services

The Manguard Plus Patrol Services team operating 365 days a year while being coordinated by the Manguard Plus 24 Hour Command and Control Centre.

In the event of an emergency, an alert or an alarm activation, a vehicle is dispatched to attend the location of the incident.

The Patrol Services Manager manages, administers and develops the patrol services portfolio across the company, providing countrywide coverage through generic growth, acquisitions and partnerships.

Our mobile patrols are a highly effective, visual and physical presence.  We devise internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent and are specific to our client needs and location.

These patrols are carried out in a multitude of alternating sequences so that the frequency and timing of patrols remain ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.

All Manguard Plus Patrol Services vehicles are equipped with Samsara Camera and Tracking Systems which monitor driver behavior ensuring staff safety and management. In addition, there are panic buttons in each vehicle to provide immediate support to our patrol team from our 24 Hour Command and Control center.